Saturday, 26 June 2010

St John Fisher Listening Service

St John Fisher parish in Bexley offers a Listening Service which involves four retired nurses, from a background in the caring profession, with different experiences in “counselling” and “listening”. The Listening Service offers anyone space to “talk” freely and confidentially.
The aim is to provide a confidential and supportive listening service to develop and sustain the client’s confidence in a caring environment.
Clients will be seen at the centre unless prior arrangements have been made to meet the client at an alternative venue. Sessions will last for 50 minutes by appointment for six sessions but can be terminated by the client at any time during the course.
Peer group support will be arranged to review sessions but client confidentiality will be maintained by changing names, gender, etc.
If you think we can help you or someone you know telephone 07943 658008, leaving a contact number for us to get in touch.

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