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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Deanery Service of Penance for the Year of Faith

Throughout the Archdiocese, every Deanery is holding a Liturgy of Reconciliation, a celebration of the Sacrament of Penance with individual confessions, as part of our celebration of the Year of Faith.
The Service for Bexley Deanery will be on Friday 15 February at 7.30pm at St Lawrence’s, Sidcup.

This is an opportunity to join others in celebrating the gift of pardon and peace that Our Lord Jesus Christ made available to the Church when he sent the Holy Spirit on the Apostles.

If you have not been to confession for some time, this is an ideal opportunity to benefit from the grace that God gives us through the sacrament.

Bishop Patrick Lynch will preside at the celebration, and priests of the Deanery will be available to hear confessions.